Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lacrosse Ending

I knocked this girl over!

Our lacrosse season is over! Just as I felt I was getting back into it I found out our last game was cancelled. How disappointing! It is sad to think I may never get to play again, esp as I remember how much fun it is.

We lost our first game by quite a bit. However, after I explained a few defensive strategies we really made a great defensive comeback. Way to go team! I was so proud. Our second game we were ahead until the last few minutes. We got down by 2, tied it up in the last 1 minute (and even the last 7 seconds) only to lose in overtime. Disappointing but we played well.

It was probably one of my very best games ever, so it was a good one to end on if necessary. I was in a very aggressive mood and won many ground balls (usually my worst skill), made some great clears, and made a lot of checks.

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