Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I just got done looking at my friend Tisha's blog. She and her husband Rick write mostly about their cute fam that consists of the cutest little twin boys ever. By themselves they would be adorable, but having two makes them just so fun! I guess everyone loves twins. No wonder I am so popular!

But seriously, being a twin is kind of interesting as these young ones will soon learn. For example, everyone thinks your twin is dumb enough to want to take extra math tests (forget about cheating?) or do extra chores for you--yeah right! And in elementary school I was always having older children talk to me, "Are you Erin or Amber?" At least when you forget your line as one of the twins in the King and I at Provo High School you can blame your twin!

Funny, though, how my whole identity was being a multiple birth...now, I rarely think about it. Sometimes it is a little sad. People seem disappointed we don't look much alike anymore...and sometimes, I am too. But regardless of how little we resemble each other or even how little we see each other, it is still fun and I have a great identical friend!

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brenna said...

I have always been sad i didn't have a twin...

Unfortunately, we don't sell the vests at the kiosk, but i sure wish we did. I bought the things before you called, but i am going to buy some more in a few days and will get everything then (hopefully our new order will be in, so i can get you everything)