Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fit for a King? Or maybe a knight...

So I was just reminded that it is the one week anniversary of a very memorable night (or should I say knight?) in Lexington, Kentucky.

It had been a long day of driving. We were about 8 hours away from Chapel Hill, NC on our way back home to the grind in Iowa after a nice Thanksgiving. Finally, we were to our target destination for the night...Lexington. On our way out we had stayed at a very nice, reasonable hotel. We had hoped to have a similar experience for the night before resuming the second half of our trip. However, there were no non-smoking rooms available and we decided to trek onward. After stopping for gas and another bathroom break, I decided to take the initiative and check out a few rates for some hotels on the same block. A "Knight's Inn" was just next door to the waffle house where we had parked our car. I figured why not see what it was like while we waited.

So, we ran over and they had a few non-smoking rooms left for $49.99. I wasn't too impressed and gave the news to the crew, expecting to leave. But I guess the tired eyes had gotten the best of husband's parents decided to check it out and decided to just go for it. We were surprised how many cars were parked there so were relieved to get a couple of rooms.

As soon as we pulled up we realized what we were in for. The numbers were falling off the doors, first off. After we got settled I couldn't stop laughing. I noticed in the bed Abe's brother was in the box spring was splitting almost in half. I half expected some "special friends" to emerge and greet us. The chairs were very dirty and torn, the remote to the TV did not work, and the heater was very poor. The bedding did not match, the beds were small, and the bathroom was just icky. I felt like I was back in Honduras or Thailand, but at least there you feel like your $10 was worth it.

I cringed as I climbed into bed and saw a very tiny, dead bug...a cockroach? and a hair. I made sure to sleep in my socks and prayed the sheets were otherwise clean. Abe's dad and brother watched the BYU vs. UNC game in a tiny bed which was very humorous. I wondered why our non-smoking room had an ash tray. In the morning I decided that I would feel cleaner to not shower.

I wonder why they chose to call it the knight's inn? I initially thought it alluded to royalty in some way. Now I know it meant you were in for a medieval adventure. Who knew we could have such a rugged treat, right in good ole' Lexington?

I was just glad there was a waffle house next door.


Abraham said...

I was's all true!

brenna said...

Wow-- sounds like a nice place. I hope you don't bring any fleas home with you when you come ;)

Bob said...

I stayed at that Inn about 3 months ago. It was great then. It must have really gone down recently. New management???