Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finals are finally almost final

Come tomorrow about 10am I will have finished my 5th semester of dental school! Crazy.

I have a radiology final tomorrow morning. It will be answering case based questions from projected slides as well as MC from the past 2 years of radiology. I wish I would have started studying earlier, but I've had so many tests the minutes I have had have been spent mostly recovering! I feel like after 2.5 years I am finally beginning to get some of bad it is 10pm the night before, eh?

I did have some luck today...I got "pimped" (as the med students would say) by our tough Radiology guru this morning. Basically, you get a laser pointer and get to be humiliated in front of your peers until you can think of the answer to the case in front of you. It could be some pathologic problem or something like a toe that got lodged into someone's face after an explosion (slight exaggeration). This morning I was nervous as I got the pointer but I actually stayed confident and composed and eventually came up with the answer. I think he was secretly impressed. Wahoo!

As well, I finished the reports I had to write on patients so I am done DONE tomorrow after the test. Phew. I again had great luck and had to review the reports with him. He is much more meticulous than the other instructors, but it paid off in the end when he gave me a 3 instead of a 2 on the report. He is very strict about giving out 3's and allows others to give them something like 2 times a year. So, I was very surprised! I even chanced upon another 3 later this afternoon with another instructor.

So, it was a successful day in many ways. I am just disappointed I don't quite have the grip on this material that I should!

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