Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pie Pie Pie!

Just wanted to give the update on the party. It went very well and we had about 20 people come! It was almost a bit much for our little apartment but I think it went well. We had some great pies...Chocolate chess, pecan cheesecake, carmel apple, french silk, 2 pumpkin, and oreo bon bons. My only regret was that people don't know the right way to eat pie. Instead of having a sliver of a bunch, they took a big slice of only one. So, only two people tried my chess pie and one friend made a pumpkin that only I cut into. You feel bad going to all the trouble to have no one partake. Alas, I guess only the Jacksons understand how to really appreciate pie!

1 comment:

brenna said...

If i was able to, it is safe to say i would have eaten a piece of each and every one