Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weeks 26 and 27

26 weeks
27 weeks

Did I make it to the third trimester? I am a little confused as I have seen different times for this milestone and the math doesn't always seem to add up (shouldn't it be at about 26 weeks instead of 28 then?). I guess regardless, as I will deliver a little early, I am in MY third trimester.

And wow, can you believe we are in to August already? This summer seems to have blown by. This pregnancy, on the other hand, is starting to feel like it has been going on for a while now. But, I am starting to realize that these babies will be here very soon! We are aiming to make it to 38 weeks so I only have 11 weeks to go if we make it full term. I am feeling the babies more and more as their kicks and punches get stronger and it makes it more real that there actually are two little babies in there ready to join our family in just a few more months!

With the upcoming delivery I am getting more excited for their appearance. I am also getting a little nervous about complications cropping up or pre-term labor. I just really want those babies to stay in there until they are done! I will feel a little better at my next appointment when my doctor tells me everything is still going well.

After this long, I think I am getting used to being big. In the beginning I felt huge when it seemed I became big pregnant overnight. Now that I am used to having a belly, I feel less like a whale even though I know I am obviously getting bigger and bigger (I can definitely tell when I try to get out of bed!). I am having a hard time imagining just how big I will get! I am starting to see all of those tiny pregnant girls who will deliver weeks ahead of me finally looking pregnant now that they are in their third trimester so I am wondering what will happen to me, who is already big! I do think my weight gain over all has slowed down, but I did gain about 5 pounds overnight last week -- I am assuming water weight as I came back down and stayed pretty stable the next week. I bought some more maternity clothes this weekend as I am outgrowing many of my clothes, especially pants and fitted dresses and tops.

Every day I work I feel grateful to make it through my schedule as my hands continue to swell. On the weekends they tend to be the worst -- probably because I am outside in the heat and more active running around. I tried on some rings the other day and my normal 4.5 size ring finger was too big for a size 7 (I didn't even try to find what size I am beyond that -- a 9?). Who knows how big my right hand is, as it is normally quite a bit bigger.  I don't take many pictures of my hands, but here is my dainty little hand at our wedding:

And my now pregnant swollen weekend hands! Can you tell? Look at those monster veins. I have already gone up a glove size at work and may need to jump to the next if it gets much worse.

I don't think the pictures do it justice...but they are pretty puffy!

And we finally decided on our infant baby carriers. I think we went to the baby store six times trying to decide which we liked better. We finally thought we made a choice, but in the end, our tall daddy made the ultimate decision easy as there was only one seat we were considering that would fit both Abe and the carrier in our car. So, all that research and indecision was a bit unnecessary.

Finally, I scheduled maternity pics for the end of the month. I will probably be huge and puffy by then. I'm not too excited about the idea of documenting that with a professional photographer, but as this may be my only pregnancy, I don't want to feel like I missed out. (Make me look beautiful Sarah!) It is probably about time, anyway, as we haven't had "family" pictures since our wedding 8 years ago. 

And, is it the pregnancy that has made all of my eyelashes fall out? My hair wont seem to curl (is it the hair or my hand (ouch!), or is my flat iron getting too old?), and I have NO idea what to wear. So if anyone wants to come over and help make me beautiful I feel like I could use some help! Or some good photoshop.

Week 26:
Weight: 177.7
Total  Weight Gain: 35.7 lbs
Week 27:
Weight: 174.8
Total  Weight Gain: 32.8 lbs

baby kicks -- getting harder and harder
arm/hand numbness 
hand and foot swelling 
discomfort -- it's getting hard to move! 
insomnia and nocturnal bathroom breaks! -- a little better this week
TMJ popping and pain
knee pain -- my knees feel "too loose" and sore when I bend down
outgrowing maternity clothes
severe shortness of breath when I bend over

Weeks to go: <11 nbsp="" p="">

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