Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 29 Update

Week 29 (I probably shouldn't wait until late at night to take these--looking tired!)
Today I had the pleasure of undergoing the three hour glucose test. What a way to spend your morning off! After fasting since 10 pm last night, I walked in to the hospital (figuring the exercise would do me good even if it almost did me in!) and started with my first blood draw at 9:07. After what was actually a very painful and drawn out needle stick, I was then allowed to drink the orange glucola. I have heard multiple horror stories about the yuckiness of this drink, but in the past it hasn't bothered me. Well, today it did. After drinking twice the dose on an empty stomach after a long and uncomfortable needle poke, let's just say it wasn't a lovely experience.

I then had the great joy of camping out at the hospital and undergoing additional blood draws at 10:07, 11:07, and 12:07 before getting to go home (and eat and drink something!). The time surprisingly went by quickly but I am disappointed because I had two goals for the day:

1) obtain verification of my hospital privileges so I can submit them for my oral board exam application, due September 3.
2) start and maybe complete my online renewal for my Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification.

Unfortunately, neither of these happened! I found out that my privileges were not settled when I had been given the impression it was in order. Now, I have to spend quite a bit of time re-submitting the same application which will not be completed in time for the application deadline-- which means I may not be able to take the exam this year. Maybe the timing with the babies isn't great as it is, but everyone strongly recommends taking it as soon as possible so you don't forget things as time goes by. I would love to have it all behind me even if it means a little added stress in the first few months after the babies come. I am hoping to get an exception with this pending but I'm not so sure that will happen. What a disappointment and frustration.

And, I couldn't get logged in to the online site for the course. So I'm 0/2 for the day. I did finish a book and had a netflix marathon instead once I got home.

But really, the big task of the day was to pass the glucose test which looks like I did! I am still waiting on the results to see if I have cholestasis, the potential cause of my itchiness as of late. I am relieved that I am still healthy and that I will get to avoid needle sticks multiple times per day for blood sugar testing (haven't I been poked enough?!?).

As for the rest of the week, we spent the weekend in Des Moines again, this time with Abe's parents and sister. We started Saturday with lunch at Krunkwhich Ramen House. Yay for satisfying my ever present ramen craving. And then I ran a marathon... I mean, went to the Iowa State Fair. Abe came up with the following riddle: What  do we, Hillary, Trump, and Santorum have in common? We were all at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. Unfortunately, we seemed to have missed the candidates but still got a pretty good fair experience.

I felt big so it was good to get some perspective from some of the exhibits.

Nothing like a 1235 lb. pumpkin ...

...0r pig of similar size to make you feel a little less huge!
Of course we had to see the famous butter cow
Tried some ridiculous fried foods--fried oreos! (these ones somehow not on a stick!

Watched my hands balloon up to bigger than ever (where's my blue ribbon?) and become unusable

Saw a bunch of animals
Met up with the Burlington Elk Rancher
And some of us caught some rides
We finished off a long day by getting some late night pizza at Fong's, a Des Moines hot spot with asian inspired pizza. And then bed! Much needed after a lot of walking in the hot sun.

I thought my weight gain started to slow down but looks like I stayed pretty stable. I still seem to stay stable until I get a sudden 3 pound change over night.

Week 29:
Weight: 179.5 lbs 
Total  Weight Gain: 37.5 lbs
3 hour glucose test: pass!
Belly Button status: popped

baby kicks -- big movements, maybe slightly less often
arm/hand numbness -- is it improving some or am I just used to it by now?
hand and foot swelling 
discomfort -- it's getting harder to move! and to sit or stand or lie down 
insomnia --sometimes hourly visits to the bathroom
knee pain 
slightly decreased itchiness
white patches on my legs (lack of pigment) 
emotional--feeling a little more frustrated by how much longer I have to go as things seem to only get worse!
getting excited for babies!

9 weeks to go!

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Camber said...

Hooray for passing your glucose test! Sorry about all your frustrations with the testing. The fair looks awesome though. I loved the butter cow when we went.