Wednesday, August 12, 2015

28 Week Update

28 weeks
24 weeks felt good. 28 weeks feels even better! Not only are the babies at an age where they can survive, but are that much more likely to survive without problems. Funny, though, as time goes by I find myself getting more nervous. So far this pregnancy has been pretty low stress and I still have a strong feeling things are going to continue to go well. But, I guess I am realizing that while each day brings the babies to a safer place it also brings us closer to a potential pre-term labor.

I had my 28 week appointment today. Where does the day go?! I planned to go for the appointment and have the rest of the day to relax and get a few things done. Unfortunately, I need to start studying for boards again (I figure it will be easier to study while the babies are in than out) but I just can't seem to get this lazy pregnant lady to do much of anything these days. Well, after about 3 hours at the doctor (mostly in the waiting room) I am feeling even less excited about that option.

We started the appointment with our ultrasound. I was shocked within the first few seconds to see how big the babies have grown since the last scan 4 weeks ago! They are still looking good but actually harder to see as they take up much more room and weren't moving much. So, we got a few good pictures of Baby A but B was being shy and turned the wrong way so we got some adorable back of the head and spine shots. The babies are about twice as big, four weeks later, and almost 3 pounds each! I am wondering how big they will get over the next 10 weeks?

Baby A 

Baby B

And just like you'd expect from a brother, a little boy foot right in the face of Baby A

I also had my 1 hour glucose test. I've heard a lot of horror stories about how nasty the drink is but I didn't think it was as bad as people say--I feel like it is like a really sweet melted orange popsickle that burns your throat. After my blood draw I got my TDAP vaccine (you'd think I'd be way good at needle pokes after so many rounds of IVF but amazingly it still is something I dread). When I finally met with the doctor (a new one this time) I had a lot more questions than usual. She was great and answered them very kindly and helpfully. I learned that I failed my glucose test with a score of 162 (should be lower than 140 she said). Darn! I will have to follow up next week with an additional test to see if I have developed gestational diabetes. I also will have to have a test for bile as I have been quite itchy and this can be a sign of a problem with the gallbladder. 

I asked again about my weight gain. As of today I have 10 weeks to go and have already gained the recommended 35 lbs I was supposed to gain for the entire pregnancy. Neither the doctor today nor my own OB have hassled me about my weight but I felt bad when she confirmed that they would have preferred I only gain 35 but hopefully we can keep the weight gain down over the next few months.

So three hours later, I left kinda down. I fell pretty fast from the high I had from seeing my "chubby" little babes into feeling a little frustrated about failing the test (I'm still not worried, mostly annoyed by the additional time to do the three hour test, mixed with just a little worry) and feeling bad about my weight gain. Intellectually I know it isn't a big deal, but hormonally I admit I felt bad, and surprised myself that I felt bad enough to cry. If I were anyone else I would tell them I was doing great and to not worry about it, but funny how we can be hard on ourselves.

I did a quick trip to Costco and now at almost 4:00 the day seems gone and I am pretty exhausted. So much for a free day to catch up on a few academic pursuits, maybe a nap, and a few other tasks. Darn.

As for life in general, I am hanging in there! I feel I have become more uncomfortable this past week. But work is still going well and I am handling my commute with minimal issues. My reflux is resurging with a vengeance. My whole body feels itchy at night the past few days. Sleep is getting hard. Sitting and lying down and standing are getting hard. I am still feeling puzzled by baby names. We are trying to decide on a baby shower date and a guestlist (it feels a little awkward -- inviting people to come and give me stuff, mixing groups, etc). And we still need to figure out the plan for my maternity time at work.

Oh, and it finally happened. On Aug 9, 2015 my belly button finally popped. I've been dreading that day a bit but it wasn't as traumatic as I expected. Ha! 

Week 28:
Weight: 177.1 lbs (home); 178.4 lbs (office)
Total  Weight Gain: 35.1 lbs
BP: 117/73
HR: 108 (about twice as high as normal!)
Glucose test 162
Belly Button status: popped

Baby A: 
Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz (73 percentile)
FHR: 152 bpm
Position: head down

Baby B:
Weight: 2 lbs 14 oz (65%)
FHR: 163 bpm
Position: head down

baby kicks -- moving a lot!
arm/hand numbness 
hand and foot swelling 
discomfort -- it's getting harder to move! and to sit or stand or lie down 
insomnia --sometimes hourly visits to the bathroom
TMJ popping and pain -- less?
knee pain 
bigger stretch marks on hips
severe shortness of breath when I bend over
body itchiness
reflux is back
white patches on my legs (lack of pigment) -- I had this before pregnancy but ten times worse now

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