Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 30 Update

30 weeks!

30 weeks! That seems like something, right? It at least sounds closer to the end, which is 38 weeks, not 10- or 20-something weeks. 

To be honest, over this past weekend I was feeling pretty miserable and wondering how I was going to make it another 8 weeks knowing things would just continue to become worse as I get bigger and further along. Pregnancy does weird things to your body! Of course there is the ever present hand swelling/numbness/pain, the leg swelling and itchiness with the fact that I can only fit into 2 pairs of shoes, the immobility, restless nights, and frequent trips to the bathroom. I wasn't prepared for the shortness of breath that comes with any semblance of exercise or bending over or even just sitting, the trouble moving from one position to another and then the trouble moving once I get moving again because of very sore/stiff knees. Or especially the mole that grew three times its size or the wrist and jaw popping that has come with my joints loosening. 

But today I am happy to say I am feeling quite a bit better. Not sure the difference but I feel like I can hang in there a little longer. Maybe it is because the babies seem to each be back on their respective sides, instead of both trying to crowd on the right like they were a few days ago. Or maybe it is my improved mental state -- no diabetes! no cholestasis! and the update that I will be able to take my board exam after a few favors from some important people I know. Yay. I am looking forward to more time with Abe who has been gone a lot for work and the sweet things he does to help me (like putting on my compression stockings, one of the most tiring experiences of my day!). I even got a little cleaning done today with the help from a friend (amazing what about 20 minutes can do when you've felt like an invalid for weeks).

Our nursery is basically complete after Abe delivered our rocker/recliner from Des Moines, minus organizing the little things and some decorations on the wall. And good thing I got most of that settled weeks ago (which seemed maybe a little silly at the time) as I really don't feel I have the physical capacity for that kind of job now nor much of a nesting instinct right now (replaced by the survival instinct perhaps?).

I meet with my doctor tomorrow for my 30 week appointment. I hope to start going over the birth plan so I will feel more prepared. I will also take a breastfeeding class and a birthing class this week. I hope they will be beneficial and worth the hours spent sitting in a classroom, because sitting anywhere for more than a few hours is pretty miserable right now! I also have my maternity photo shoot early next week (still feeling absolutely clueless what to wear!) and hopefully will order my breast pump and maybe have some baby shower plans in the works. So it feels like we are starting to cross things off the to do list. 

I hope I don't sound like I am complaining because really I am so grateful to still be pregnant with these miracle babies. And grateful things are going so well without medical complications, grateful for my ability to continue working, and that even when things continue to get harder, I still have good days. 

29 weeks 4 days -- funny how I feel like I look smaller here than even weeks ago.
Oh, and can I say something more about shoes before we end? I was recently skimming a blog post about "Maternity Style." Surprise surprise I didn't find it particularly enlightening, at least when comparing a woman who hardly looks pregnant (and maybe why she is the expert on the subject because she still looks pretty stylish) to a woman pregnant with twins. But one suggestion really left me scratching my head: Throw on a pair of high heels! or if you can't manage those stilettos, at least some chunky wedges. Evidently this is a great idea because it lengthens your leg and can create a more vertical illusion to make your growing belly look smaller.

Ummm, yeah... Remember how I said I could only wear two pairs of shoes right now? They are two pairs of sandals with minimal straps (and no heel!) bought specifically because they looked like they would be good for swollen feet.

At least she had an alternate suggestion: Or if you don't think you can manage the high heels, go for a fashionable and stylish pair of flats!

Hmmm, still not helpful. I don't even have cankles yet (at least not usually). I just hope I don't have to go to a fancy event any time soon-- or heaven forbid it snows before the delivery! (I guess I do look on with a teaspoon of envy when I see pregnant women wearing normal shoes or rings.)

Week 30:
Weight: 180.5 lbs (only 1 lb up this week!)
Total  Weight Gain: 38.5 lbs

baby kicks -- big movements, maybe slightly less often
arm/hand numbness -- feels different this week, less tingle but more numbness maybe? And my left wrist pops frequently
hand and foot swelling 
discomfort/immobility -- it's getting harder to move! and to sit or stand or lie down. The first sensations of babies in the ribs happened this week. 
insomnia --sometimes hourly visits to the bathroom
knee pain -- ouch!
slightly decreased itchiness
getting excited for babies!

8 weeks to go!


Jessica Mitchell said...

My Sperry's saved my life for both pregnancies. Best shoes ever! Good luck! You are looking great! I know it's kind of a pain to be experiencing SO MUCH of what pregnancy has to offer but I love that you look at it as a blessing. As in , "I get to experience EVERYTHING pregnancy has to offer!!!! (Big smiley face emoji!)"

Rachel Culmer said...

That carpet in your nursery looks cute. That chair looks so comfy too!

Camber said...

I think 30 weeks is a big accomplishment! If your babies had to come early at this point, they would be SO much better off than they would have been even a few weeks ago. And it marks the home stretch. You've got this Erin!