Saturday, July 25, 2015

Week 25 Update

25 weeks 2 days
For some reason my first thought is, what is the deal with my flat hair in this pregnancy? I know pregnancy can change your hair and in some ways my hair seems better than ever -- extra long and thick. I find I really haven't done my hair much the past 6 months -- is it the tiredness? The hand and arm pain and numbness (definitely makes it hard to do much as far as makeup, hair, or even getting dressed sometimes)? Maybe just laziness? Maybe that's why it is flat.

I feel excited for every week after 24 weeks. I am fully expecting and planning to have a normal, full term pregnancy. But I also know twins add some higher risks and are more likely to come early. So every additional day (and week!) of being pregnant makes me happy. Keep cooking in there little guys!  In the meantime I am putting my (swollen) feet up as much as possible and flossing as best I can (again, that hand numbness and pain makes this difficult. Thank you for those floss holders!) as poor gingival health has been associated with pre-term, low birth weight babies! (The dentist in me had to throw that in there.)

I started really feeling the babies, especially Baby Girl the past 4 or so days. Sometimes it is hard enough it makes me jolt. It is nice to have more evidence they are in there! I am wondering if my patients might start getting some baby kicks in the face as I get bigger and they keep moving!

Overall, I am feeling like things are going well. I'm still working full time. Yay! I'm eating healthier (so grateful for enough energy to occasionally grocery shop and do some minimal cooking), the nursery is even closer to being put together, our registry is coming together, and I am signed up for my breastfeeding and birthing classes. I feel like I am even looking and feeling pretty good for being third trimester big. I still wonder what it will be like to be fourth trimester big (I know that doesn't make mathematical sense but you get the point)?

Week 25:
Weight: 172.2
Total  Weight Gain: 30.2 lbs
baby kicks -- feeling them a lot more and a lot bigger the past 3-4 days. I feel baby girl the most. I think baby boy may be transverse, I only feel him just left of my midline
evening tiredness
arm/hand numbness -- more swelling (sausage fingers!) -- thank you hot summer weather
hand and foot swelling -- is it normal that they itch and are so uncomfortable as soon as I stand up and the swelling begins?
discomfort -- it's getting hard to move!
insomnia and nocturnal bathroom breaks!
mild acne flare up
no leg hair! I've gone weeks without shaving
TMJ popping and pain -- I guess all those joints are loosening up!
mild stretch marks popping up on my hips and booty (mostly on the right -- am I growing lopsided?). I still have a long way to go!


Oriens said...

Yay!! Every day does count! And your hair may be flat but you got the pregnancy glow :) my hair got thick but now has fallen out. The girl who cuts my hair said I had bald spots ��������. And now some is growing back in and it's like really funny looking. But I wouldn't trade it for the world, the outcome is so worth it :)

Claire said...

Order some compression socks off Amazon or a medical supply store - they will be your salvation. Not only will your leg swelling be less but your legs will be A LOT less tired at the end of the day. You can try wrist splints at night for the numbness too, it's basically carpal tunnel treatment... Hang in there, you're rocking pregnancy!!

Erin said...

Thanks Caroline. I'm sure you rock the bald spot look.

Yes Dr. Claire, my compression stockings are the only thing getting me through my work days. They are a bear to put on as I can hardly breath bending over and my hand hurts doing it, but it makes a big difference. I have been doing the splint at night and that helps, too. Congrats on your little guy. I hope you have a fast recovery!

Katherine said...

I was going to say compression stockings, but was beaten to it. Yes, such a pain to put on, but the only way I could cope at all. I actually switched to the thigh length ones, which are even more awful to put on, but helped that much more.