Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Still REALLY Pregnant

Unrelated happy picture!

Yesterday was my follow up blood test to ensure I am still pregnant and my hormone levels are progressing normally. I quickly stopped by the lab for another poke on my way to work. I realized there was a possibility the test could show bad news, but I felt pretty confident. Later that morning I noted some light spotting. Not until then did I get a little nervous. I've heard this can be normal but it did put a glimmer of doubt in my mind while waiting for the result to come back.

Abe texted me mid-morning to let me know that the test was 4042! I had read that the test should double every 48-72 hours so this seemed crazy high from 662. I was a little worried what this might mean. "How many are in there?!?" (My staff keeps teasing me about triplets.) But I was also relieved I am still pregnant.

I called the nurse to report the spotting and she didn't seem concerned unless I have increased bleeding or single sided abdominal pain. (Nope.) She reported the blood test results to me and stated that the target at four days is 1900. 

So I figure I am REALLY pregnant, not just kind of pregnant. And maybe being about double the target makes sense for two babies?

I think we are both happy and excited after more good news. It is hard to believe we are on our way to that baby bump!

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michele said...

So, if you have twins in there--does that mean that you'll have double the morning sickness? Either way it's great news! I'm really excited for you and I'll be looking forward to the updates!