Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello Morning Sickness

I made it into my second month, technically week 5 day 5. (Time goes fast when they add on extra bonus days at the beginning!)

The morning sickness has been teasing me the past few days. Nothing horrible but it is definitely becoming ever more present. It was bad enough today that my office manager and nurse at work today both noticed something was up. I found a pile of treats on my desk to keep the queasiness down. I do feel better if I eat frequently, even just a few bites. In light of all this frequent eating, I've been worried my weight would go up way too much for being so early (my weight has been hard to keep stable since being on my hormone therapies the past 9 months) but I luckily haven't really gained anything yet.

I have been feeling quite tired, but not the extreme exhaustion from the first few days after finding out. And the smells. That part of pregnancy is real! It hasn't lead to nausea yet but I am feeling much more sensitive to smells, especially the multiple forms of bad breath -- from decay or infection, smoking, and even just the smell of blood. I'm hoping that doesn't get much worse!

The progesterone shots are still quite painful. The injection sites are bruised and sore. 

I am continuing with all of my medications. I feel like I own stock in a pharmacy right now -- at least for a healthy person it seems like I take a of medication. I am excited to discontinue some of these as time goes by! It will be so nice to not have to take so many medications soon.

My morning pills consist of one or two thyroid pills, estrogen, and colace. 
Not too bad!
The afternoon is easy except for remembering!
Another estrogen
Then break out the pharmacy at bedtime! Another estrogen, 2 metformin ER, prenatal vitamin, and colace.

Bring out the big boys!
Moving in to week 6! Ultrasound next week!


David and Kami Summers said...

Morning sickness is good!! But sucky. haha. I read something somewhere that said "pregnancy is the best reason ever for feeling like crap". I had to snack ALL the time during my first trimester and was worried about the weight gain too. But, I ended up not gaining any weight at all during my last 1-2 months (and heard that from other people as well). Do what you need to so that you don't feel terrible and worry about the rest later!

Rachel Culmer said...

First of all -- HUGE congrats!

Second of all -- morning sickness. It's a pain in the but, yet you're grateful for the sickness because you know what the result is inside of you. It's a mixed blessing.

Unknown said...

Yay for symptoms!! We've never met but I've known Abe and fam since 1991 and am so thrilled for you! We also did IVF, transferred a single (our only!!) embryo and have 2 beautiful almost 20 month old girls ❤️ We found out we were having twins at our 2nd u/s (6w). I can't wait for your news next week!!