Friday, March 20, 2015

A Little Favor

Thank you everyone for all of the kind words and support with our newest news. Life has been full of a lot of news, changes, and excitement for sure! It helps so much to know how many lovely people are rooting for us and the offers to help with the craziness of multiple babies.

I have never done a sponsorship or a giveaway on my blog or even tried winning a give away before. But I recently signed up to try Stitch Fix when I heard they have a new maternity line and they just happen to be doing a give away for $5000! This includes money for maternity clothes and also for baby gear. We know I will definitely be needing a LARGE wardrobe and a load of stuff for these three babes!

So please take a second to vote for me and share with your friends!

It just takes a second. Click on the link and then the red vote button. You can vote on all of your devices every 24 hours until March 29.

Vote Here!

The contest is based partially on votes and partially on my blurb. I'm far behind the first few contestants but only a few votes away from the top 10.

Winning would be such a blessing!