Thursday, March 19, 2015

April Fools Came Early, And The Joke Is On Me!

At the end of last week, I received the glorious news that I passed the first stage of my Oral Maxillofacial Surgery boards. I literally laughed and cried for over an hour, tears of such relief. I have never been so nervous about a test. What a blessing! I couldn't help but think "GOD IS GOOD!"

Today we got even bigger news! Our 7 week ultrasound was this morning. And today I remembered why I haven't always liked math. Sometimes it just gets confusing.

Like when simple equations don't seem to add up.

For example, sometimes

1 + 1

equals 3!

When we saw the first baby I was very relieved. I slept horribly last night, having bad dreams and anxiety about the ultrasound, including finding a completely empty uterus. (I was upset and disappointed and also mad to have been feeling sick for nothing!) Seeing I was actually pregnant took away that nervousness. 

Then they found Baby B. Di/Di twins (fraternal) -- "the best kind" (at least for decreased risk) the doctor said. I told her she better be careful what she says as I am an identical twin and then asked jokingly, "And only twins, right?" 

"Well, we'll keep looking just in case," The tech and doc said sweetly.

They kept looking and measuring things which felt like a long time, checking heart beats and ovary size and yolk sac dimensions. 

As I thought we were finishing up they said something quietly that sounded like the word "triplet." 

Next thing I knew, they were measuring Baby C, Baby B's identical twin!

After finishing the ultrasound I had my weight and vital signs checked, I noticed I was shaking the whole way! We waited nervously until the doctors came in to go over the results and answer our many questions.

Baby A and Baby B are likely the two embryos we placed, fraternal twins. Baby C is the small identical twin of Baby B. He is measuring small, about a week behind. There is a good chance Baby C will be resorbed and this will turn in to a normal twin pregnancy. This would be the lowest risk for the other two babies and for me. I'm not quite sure how I feel about either of those options! 

It's in God's hands now!

I am also so glad Abe was allowed to be there by his kind and understanding senior resident. Can you imagine me trying to get ahold of him in between OR cases to tell him that?!

Today's stats:
Week 7 day 1
145.5 lbs (143.8 lbs at home, up from 141.9 6 days ago)
Blood pressure 154/78 (about 50 points higher than usual!)


And other good news, I get to stop two pills per day, my metformin!


SeƱora H-B said...

HOLY COW!!!!! What thrilling, crazy news!

Rachel Culmer said...

Oh man! Awesome news (for the babies and the boards)!