Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tuesday

Today is my last day of vacation. I really haven’t done much but it has been nice to have some time off.

Today I finally decided to get myself in gear and clean up a bit. I had grandiose intentions of cleaning, organizing, painting, basically transforming my house while I was home. I did do a little bit of painting and a minimum of cleaning. And ick, found ants in our kitchen. GREAT!

I did get back on my bike for the first time all year. Wow. I forgot how much fun biking is. I need to remember this more often, like every day. I logged about 1000 miles on my bike the first few years but have significantly slowed down from there.

I am also getting a facial today. Never had one, but I’m excited to try. And a much needed eyebrow wax. I get very nervous with the eyebrow waxing. I’ve had a lot of botched jobs so I’m going to make her really sell her plan to me before I let her touch me. I used to have beautiful eyebrows and I was very happy with them and got compliments on all the time (well all the time considering we’re talking about eyebrows). One bad esthetician and I’ve been trying to recover for years.

AND… starting tomorrow, I have only one more month left of my first year of residency. I will also be starting my general surgery rotation on July 1. Three more years to go.


brenna said...

How was the facial? Hopefully the waxing went well. You'll have to post a picture!

Courtright Family said...

Oooo, can't wait to see the sexy eyebrows! I know what you mean by the way, that happened to me once too.

Suz said...

Vacations are supposed to be a time to "not" get "everything" done!

I'd like a report of how the facial went. They can be lovely.