Saturday, May 21, 2011

I may need an intervention

Alcoholism has been shown to have a genetic component in some people. Families seem  able to pass down this tendency to each other. If you never take a drink, you may never know if you are an alcoholic inside.

Do you think being a workaholic works the same way? That some people, once they get a good long taste of work, can’t live a normal life without a little work each day? They just don’t feel like themselves without it?

If so, I may be at risk. Growing up, my dad always had some project to do on Saturdays. We would look forward to a good day off. He looked forward to a good day with the chainsaw. And us kids picking up the wooden destruction behind him.

Lately it doesn’t feel like I get many days off any more. It is more common to work on the weekend than to have a weekend off. It seems when I do have a day to myself, though, if I don’t have chores lined up, I don’t know what to do with myself. Sometimes I almost feel like maybe it would be better to be at work so I’m not bored. Crazy, I know. (I am by no means asking for more weekends oncall, if any of my chiefs happen to stalk my blog.)

I have a week of vacation coming up in a few days. I am really looking forward to some time off (catch up on sleep!). But I also have no idea how I will spend my time. Nowhere to go; not a whole lot I want to do around the house (or maybe not the stamina for it); and Abe has to work on Saturday so probably not even a weekend trip. I spent my last vacation day doing yardwork in the rain. I think I need help.

Any ideas before I become a full blown workaholic?


Tawnya said...

want help organizing? :)

Colt said...

I'm the same way. All semester I've been looking forward to a little extra time for summer... now I am just completely bored and wishing I was taking 18 credits. Vege out to some netflix

Erin said...

Good idea Tawnya. You up for it?