Friday, May 6, 2011

What is a pergola?

Remember this?
So back to the story of THE PERGOLA. If you are just getting caught up or have a poor memory (how could you forget such an important part of my personal architecture?), THE PERGOLA is that thing you have asked yourself, “What IS that?” as you either drive by my house or look at pictures. I know you are asking this because it is not only a question I have asked myself many times (even after knowing what it is, honestly), but it is the most common thing I hear when people see our house. So yes, I understand.
I am trying to combat this question. Rather, I am hoping to transfer the associated sentence to, “Oh! A pergola. How nice/cute/cozy/insert other preferred positive adjective.”
It has been a slow process, beginning with the painting incident. I tried last year hanging some pretty baskets (and hope to continue this year). I planted some clematis (flowering vines) last fall, about 3/4 survived the winter.
I hope this baby will one day look more like this, all the while climbing over THE PERGOLA:

And finally, after months of looking, I found some acceptable side patio/sit under the so awesome THE PERGOLA furniture. They arrived in the mail yesterday and I had it put together and warming up THE PERGOLA space within a day.
I am hoping my small steps are aiding in the transformation. I plan to paint or stain the chairs still. Although I like the natural color, I do not like the grey weathered look they will progress to. I’m considering painting them orange to match the doors. What do you think? I also really like the idea of an outdoor rug. Something kind of like these:
Martha Stewart Living™ Crosslink All-Weather Area Rug
Martha Stewart Living™ Mallorca All-Weather Area Rug
Martha Stewart Living™ Swirling Garden All-Weather Area Rug
Persimmon Area Rug

Martha Stewart Living™ Fretwork All-Weather Area Rug
They can be somewhat pricey so I want to be sure it is a good way to go. Can I pull it off? And finally, I would like to add some planters with some greenery. In essence, I am looking to make an outdoor room. An outdoor WOW THE PERGOLA room.
Can it be done? Or will it always be weird?


brenna said...

Looks good! I like the rug idea. How big would it be?

Amber said...

I think painting the chairs orange would look so cool with the orange door!

Tawnya said...

No it is not too weird! It can be done for sure! I like your pergola. I love the furniture too!