Friday, May 20, 2011



At work, chillin'. Had a terriyaki chicken bowl and a soy milk (asian theme?) from the caf. Glamorous, I know. Just part of the life of an Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Resident. Checked on a few patients this evening...a big face "crunch" and a big infection and saw a jaw fracture in the ER. Pretty standard categories of patients for us.

Now I've been practicing my knot tying. Two handed tie...check. One handed tie...not so much. Talking to the janitorial staff about his teeth. Catching up on the book, FB. I should be catching up on a book. Studying can be so hard, even when I'm killing time at work.

With that a way, it is TGIF. Fridays are one of my favorite days on call (after maybe Wednesday or Monday). The advantage? Unlike Sat or Sun, I've finished half of my shift with my normal work day. And also unlike Sunday, I know I get to go home the next day and sleep or do whatever I want.

Unlike Sunday. Sleeping here and going right into the next week is no fun. Makes for a sleepy week. And an emotionally taxing week.

So...TGIF (until this Sunday when I am on-call again).

Cheers! Try not to break your face this weekend. Please. At least not if you live in Iowa (or W. Illinois).

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