Monday, May 23, 2011


Some random thoughts I’ve been having:

Life in general: 

I think the grass is def greener on the other side, at least at times. I often feel like I have a pretty boring life:

I guess in its daily tasks, it is anything but boring (this past weekend I basically sewed a nose back onto a face, helped with a 10 hour case putting a man’s face back together, met multiple facial fracture patients involved in assualts, motorcycle and car accidents, and ATV accidents, an inmate who found excuses to come to the ER twice in two days, etc). But on a weekly basis, it feels like I go to work, make dinner, sleep, go to work, make dinner, sleep, go to work, make dinner, and sleep again. Or hope to sleep. And hope to have the motivation and energy to make dinner.

Sometimes I envy the free time my friends who don’t work have. The openness of their day to wake up when they want, run errands in the middle of the day in the middle of the week, meet up with friends, or go on vacation. Spontaneity!

Nail polish:

I’ve really been liking nail polish lately. And on my FINGERnails. I used to be a toe girl only (but lately I can’t seem to keep it on—it rubs off whenever I wear my work shoes) but fingernail polish can be pretty fun. I have friends who have said that nails can only be “any shade of pink.” Oops, missed that one! I usually have the opposite sentiment. Right now I am loving this mint green. I got a ton of compliments when I wore it last week (except for one woman who said “ew!”). I only have one rule about FINGERNAIL polish: take it off within a day of it chipping. I think if you are going to dare the fingers you have to keep it up.


I’ve also been loving my hair feathers and extensions. So fun! These look a lot like mine. Wish I had more like her! Probably a little too much for my boring (professional) life. I have an image to uphold (which is really too bad sometimes).

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I’ve actually made some really good progress on a few of my goals. Great news for me, I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut my whole life when it comes to goal achieving (the setting part is easy, it’s the follow through that is hard). I am happy to report I have wore makeup (at least mascara) almost every single day since my blog post about a month ago. That is big for me! I only skipped twice, when I was on-call without access to make up and after a full day of yard work. My house has been cleaner. Not great, but I’ve been so much better! I’m only half embarassed if people dry by unexpected. And I’ve been studying more so I can be an awesome oral surgeon one day. Three goals I’ve had for a long time!

That’s all for now. Bored yet?

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Marci Wittwer Butterfield said...

I am never bored when reading your blog.... and trust me your life is far from boring. I could sit and listen to your work stories all day.