Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa

I have had multiple requests from family for my Christmas list. Sorry to those who are not family, unless you are a friend who’d like to purchase me a gift, a point I promise I wont argue about.

*I post this at the risk of sounding greedy. In actuality, I feel quite content with all of my STUFF. But, here are some ideas of things I’m not necessarily dying for but could be fun or useful. In no particular order.


-Piano music (I miss music to sing a long too. I would particularly like a Beatles book)

-Flat iron (mine is years and years old and really not great)

-ipod nano for jogging

-freezer for our basement (5’ or 7’)

-cute coat/jacket. I feel like I have few dressy options, esp for the jacket stage or the very cold winter stage

-help finishing my quilt (or someone paying a professional to do it)

-clothes (I feel very outdated in both casual and more dressy clothes. I really like big chunky sweaters. I would also like some jeggings. Or anything else cute, really)

-bike clothes (more options are nice)

-dress socks

-shoes or boots

-headbands, fun jewelry, hats, belts, etc

-paintable adirondack chairs (2), matching table if possible (for the patio—I hope to pain them to match our doors)

-pretty cook book stand

-maybe a pretty way to store or organize jewelry


Abe is harder. He has mentioned he really wants an electric griddle. He really likes things like real vanilla or fancy cooking ingredients. The book Cake Love and the new Cake Love book, something about Cakes Across America (not sure the title) seem to continue to interest him. He listens to a lot of books on tape so I could see a nice ipod dock for our kitchen for when he cooks could be nice. I guess I’ve given you all my ideas now. Oops.

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nathan n rachel said...

I need something to organize my jewelry too. Let me know if you find something.