Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Christmas Tree

We went with Abraham’s family to a local tree farm the day after Thanksgiving, something we have been doing every year since getting married. I saw this tree calling to me from a distance. I thought it was a beauty. I’m not sure it thought the same of me (what an awful picture!).
I must have good tree instincts: the tree seemed rather tall and we weren’t sure it would fit in the house. We had the worker cut the tree trunk a little shorter than originally had been done and I got it just right—it barely has enough room for our tree topper.
For some reason Val wanted a picture in front of our tree.
And for some reason so did Isaac.
…and Anna. A very popular tree I guess. And for some reason I can’t tell if Val is closing his eyes in all of these pictures or not.
Our biggest tree yet! And oops, we forgot the angel at the top.
Abe’s mom used to give him a piece to the nativity each year.
modified house
We even did some outside lighting this year. Look how the orange door glows (what a great color door, good for many seasons I am trying to tell myself).
modified house2
And what is that with the lights on it? That is a pergola in case you forgot, and the pergola is finding some good winter time usage!

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Oriens said...

Love the tree! Looks perfect in your house.