Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I was ready for a change. I kept thinking about how people always tell me, “Oh wow, you haven’t changed a bit.” I’m not sure if that is meant to mean I still look young or if it means I am outdated 10 years later. I wanted to keep my long hair but was longing for such a big change I was ready to go shorter than ever.

I walked into the salon with a picture of a short sassy bob and with Taylor’s new look:


My stylist convinced me to keep the long hair and go for the bangs.

Here is my before picture, granted I didn’t do anything special (or really anything) with my hair that day.




Do I look like Taylor Swift now? Unfortunately my hair is still brown. Smile 

After the initial shock I have been really happy with the result. Even when no one seems to recognize me.




brenna said...

It is definitely a new look for you, but i like it. Good choice sticking with the long hair.

Colt said...

Looks good missy!

Kim White said...

I love them! I miss mine! I always want to cut them again but Treagan was not a fan ha ha!

Abby said...

Amazing the difference bangs can make! I like them. I've considered getting them myself but have always been to scared. Do they feel funny on your forehead? Haha.

Kristie and Jake said...

I think it looks really cute. And you do look so different with the bangs. I like it. I think it's always fun to try new things with your hair. I mean it is just hair and it will grow back. :)

Rachel said...

I dont know how many people asked me who you were the first week you cut them! Derek even noticed! Now THATS big! I like it!

nathan n rachel said...

I think you look better than Taylor Swift. :)