Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lost his head

When we closed on our house, we were given some money back for a few repairs and fixes. Probably the biggest thing on the list was windows. Half of the house needed new windows as they were cracked, would not open, or would not stay open- a safety issue from our house inspection report. I’ve literally had nightmares about needing to escape out the window and not being able to (weird? I am notorious for my strange dreams).


It has taken months to find a contractor who was available to install the windows and then wait for them to be ordered. So we went all summer and fall without feeling the natural breeze through our house except for the drafts (from the old windows).

Unfortunately, they finally arrived for installation and we were notified just a few hours after decorating our tree which was in front of no, not only one window, but three.


The morning of the install we went to move the tree. Fully decorated. It came crashing down so fast we didn’t have time to say “TIMBER!” or any kind of curse word Santa or his elves may use (I can’t think what that would be but my mom has been unrelentless with the elf jokes on facebook this week).

Somehow, we were very lucky to escape relatively unscathed. One of our most delicate glass balls landed gently on a shelf on the nearby bookcase. Our only real tragedy was this poor guy:


I couldn’t help but laugh. The poor doctor lost his head!

I can definitely relate. I often feel in-over-my head, like a chicken with my head cut off, or like I lost my head trying to manage the challenges of residency. I’ve been considering keeping the good doctor this way, just tying a string on his foot and hanging them side by side.

I was glad that this was all of the damage. The tree made it back up minus our doctor friend and his head, and our angel on top. I can’t reach and keep forgetting to ask my tall husband for help.


On a side note: I think the new windows have made a difference already with the warmth of the house. My only problem was, they didn’t really ask anything about which windows we wanted to replace the old. I would have had him replace them with similar paned windows with the grid pattern (name?—the picture above is of the old windows) but instead we now have no grids which don’t match the rest of the house. At least now I can escape (if only in my dreams) even if they aren’t the exact look I would have chosen.


Abby said...

My main take away from this post (strangely enough) is how increasing jealous I am of your house every time I see pictures of it! Jealous in a good way, though, because I'm glad you guys have it...I'd just like one too:) (Hello Santa? Did you hear that?).

Poor doctor. I hope you glued his head back on--looks like a clean break at least.

Abby said...

IncreasingLY jealous. Sorry. I have issues with letting grammatical issues go un-remedied.

nathan n rachel said...

Poor Doc!

brenna said...

I'm jealous of the new draft free windows. It has good timing with winter. Too bad about doctor ken's decapitation

Heidi Henderson said...

What a beautiful tree and glad to hear you are safe with your windows :)