Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Friday was my last day of Cardiology and I started my anesthesia rotation yesterday. Wow, I have made it to my final rotation of the year before I head back to doing oral surgery.

Anesthesia will be a big transition. I find myself leaving in the early mornings when it is still incredibly dark and also chilly. I wonder to myself if it is any safer walking in the dark of the morning instead of the dark of the night. I doubt it, except maybe that there are sometimes some diligent joggers or dog walkers out.

I am excited for something new but also nervous. I have a few short weeks to absorb enough knowledge to be able to run my own anesthesia cases by myself, with the supervision of staff of course—peeking in over my shoulder. There is so much logistically to know such as how to run the anesthesia machine, how to pick up and manage controlled drugs, and documentation. I also have a lot to learn about anesthesia procedures and concepts. Intubating patients (placing the breathing tube), pharmacology, physiology—basically keeping the patient safe and alive. And how to look good in those funny hats.

Today was a good day. I did an intubation through the nose by myself without problems. Phew. And while all of my oral surgery colleagues were watching. I had a great staff to teach me and let me practice. I am excited to learn these things that are so important for being a good and safe oral surgeon but it is overwhelming looking at it from the beginning.


I guess that is why I have 4 months to figure it out. Except for the hat part. Don’t think anyone figures that out…

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