Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monumental trip

There is so much to see in Washington DC. That means a lot of pictures.

We went to the dept of  engraving and printing to see how they make our moolah. I always suspected I married up. According to this dept of the US government, Abe is worth quite a bit more than me by height.

Washington DC 052

We spent the last day or two looking at many of the monuments. The Korean War monument was one of my favorites. Unlike the Vietnam War monument which helps you try to understand the number of people affected by war, this monument helped me put faces to some of the names. I felt like I was in the jungle with these brave men.

Washington DC 107

Washington DC 106

Washington  Monument. I didn’t really like the red blinking lights at the top (for planes?). It looked like creepy alien eyes watching me.

Washington DC 050

Lincoln monument with Abraham.

Washington DC 101

Washington DC 095

Utah girl.

Washington DC 098

Iowa Boy.

Washington DC 096

On Sunday we walked around Arlington.

Washington DC 071

Again I tried to remember that all of these impersonal stones were PEOPLE. People who sacrificed for us and for their country. This was another one of my favorite places we visited.

Washington DC 072

I was really contemplating the assassination of JFK. Doesn’t that sound cooler than oops, candid camera moment?

Washington DC 069

I feel like this wasn’t even half of the things we saw. There is so much. I like remembering to think about our history, the great things our country has accomplished and overcome. The great bravery and sacrifice of so many before us and around us. It is hard not to feel grateful and patriotic when you are there.


brenna said...

Looks like you guys had a really great time!

nathan n rachel said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous. We went to all those places and I loved all of them. By the way...I think you're worth more money. :)