Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

October 2010 001

I used to love Halloween, mostly because I love dressing up in crazy clothes and make-up. I’ve become kind of a dud though as evidenced by our “Hawkeye Fan” costumes for our ward party.

We did have some Halloween fun this year though.

October 2010 004

On Friday night we went to a haunted house in Cedar Rapids for Anna’s birthday with the whole Sheffield family (those of us in town). We waited outside in line for 2-3 hours.

October 2010 007

We finally made it closer to the house. This dark angel was giving us a flash.

October 2010 008

Isaac likes skinny girls.

October 2010 027

We had some friends over on Saturday.

October 2010 026

October 2010 033

Somehow I’ve gone my whole life never DRESSING as a witch. I hope I can say I’ve never BEEN a witch but that’s harder to guarantee. Abe was a good sport and was a “tiger hawk” which is what the emblem on his pants is called, the herky head for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

And this, was the scariest part of our Halloween…

October 2010 002

I made lentil soup which turned out yummy. Unfortunately, this is what it looked like after it cooled. I promise, that isn’t what it looks like, it really is edible! I wish we would have entered it in our ward Halloween cook-off as “scariest.” I think we def would have won!

Happy Halloween!


nathan n rachel said... witch outfit!

Oriens said...

how fun! Wish we had been in town for your party.
I looked at your picture of the soup before reading the caption and thought it was Halloween mashed potatoes. =)

Suz said...

Sounds like fun. I dressed up like a witch too... just my everyday costume...

brenna said...

Wow, that does look pretty scary, but I'm sure it tasted nice.

Tawnya said...

It does look interesting. But you looked cute!