Thursday, November 18, 2010

Abe of Cakes.

When I first met Abe, he told me he did not like cake. I even spent the first few birthdays for him making ice cream cakes, a good alternative since he loves ice cream and I believed him.

Looking at our trip to DC you would never guess he would ever say that.

Washington DC 060

We keep hearing about these fancy cupcake stores around the country. We don’t seem to have any in Iowa City so we thought we better try Georgetown Cupcake (as seen on TV). Unfortunately, when we arrived there was a huge line up the street. We felt crazy waiting in line but we had nowhere else to go (we were waiting for a ride). We decided we better get a box since we had waited that long (great marketing strategy!).

-I was once told about one of these cupcakes, “Don’t worry, I didn’t eat it all myself.” I just want to say, “Don’t worry, Abe and I ate all six of these in two days.”

My assessment: good, but they are still just CUPCAKES. Good frosting though.

Our next stop was a bookstore with a restaurant in the back recommended by Abby and Matt. We had some late night cake. Abe loved the idea of perusing books while waiting for your table. He also tried a salty carmel cake, a new thing for us which seems to be popular (in the DC area?).

Washington DC 055

Washington DC 054

It was really late, can you tell? Don’t worry again, we only ate MOST of it.

My assessment: salty carmel cake = too salty. Sounds right up my alley (I love sweet and salty together) but this one at least was a little much.

We also had birthday cake for my mother-in-law's birthday.

Washington DC 074

My assessment: I always love birthday cake.

Our final cake event was Cake Love. We come back full circle because this is what really inspired Abe to become the cake guy many of you know him to be.

Washington DC 125

The owner of this shop also has a book of the same name, Cake Love. He is the one who taught Abe to make his awesome cakes.

Washington DC 123

And you guessed it, we ate it all! (And what is the girl in the yellow behind us doing?).


My assessment: I may still prefer Abe’s cakes. And wow, now I am feeling kinda fat! I had no idea we ate so much cake in just a few short days.


***You can see some of Abe’s cakes on his blog


brenna said...

Yum! Looks like you guys ate some delicious treats! I'm still sad you are too far for us to enjoy Abe's cakes...

Abby said...

Wow, you guys did have a lot of cake while you were out here--I didn't realize! Thanks for not pointing out how lopsided the birthday cake was:) It was so fun to have you guys.

nathan n rachel said...

Abe's cakes are very yummy! The man can bake.

Suz said...

I have always enjoyed cake but have come to realize they almost always look better than they taste.