Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One more post

My final report from our trip, if you are still insterested:


We went with Abe’s family to the Eastern market and had blueberry buckwheat pancakes. We look tired!

Washington DC 057

The FDR memorial was pretty cool to see. We took a ranger guided tour which ended up being over an hour long but we learned a lot of interesting info about him.

Washington DC 005

It was designed to be an interactive memorial…except most people don’t realize they are supposed to touch or the fountains were designed for wading in. One of the walls was even designed for people to bring clay to make molds or paper to do tracings from the wall. How would you know that if you didn’t take a ranger tour?

Washington DC 003

We walked around Georgetown.

Washington DC 059

And found Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Washington DC 114

Washington DC 065

It was a tiring trip with so much to see! It was surprisingly nice to come back to quiet Iowa City.

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Abby said...

Our house looks so nice and tidy in that last picture;) I am pretty sure that the fountains at the FDR memorial have signs in them that say "no wading." If they removed those that might be a good start for encouraging people to "interact" with the monument!