Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random Thoughts

*Curtains are the #1 thing item  that can turn a PLACE into a HOME. Something about the $9 curtains I got on sale and spent 5 minutes hanging in my kitchen made a huge difference in the coziness of the room.

*Iowa is different than Utah. Duh! A few not so obvious differences:

  • Gum gets wet and melty here. If you don’t chew it right away it can get sticky and grimey. Hello humidity. In Utah, it stays normal for months.
  • Taco Pizza is an Iowa thing, or maybe a Midwest thing. Don’t ask a non-Iowan where their favorite Taco Pizza place is because they wont have a clue. If you don’t know what it is, basically it is just as it sounds, a pizza with lettuce, tomato, taco chips, etc on it. It is very NORMAL here. Like fry sauce in Utah. People would be shocked not to have it on the menu at a pizza place.
  • Kum and Go is a horrible name for any business. I’m not even going to go there. And what does the “K” mean? If you’d spelled it Come and Go I wouldn’t have thought anything of it.

*Weekends off are great.  I love Saturdays, even Saturdays full of chores. I never get to do them otherwise.

*I was trying on some jeans and noticed a big lump in the back pocket. I pulled out a huge wad of clothes tags. It seemed obvious to me someone had taken advantage of a few free things and stuffed the evidence in my pants. Funny, but I felt a little guilty and I was worried I would get caught.

Finally: Oatmeal pie is awesome. Find the recipe on Abe’s blog.


Abby said...

We spent a week in Oregon this summer and at a pizza place at the coast, our Oregon relatives were raving about the taco pizza! Not just an Iowa thing, apparently, but definitely uncommon.

Colt said...

i also noticed iowans liked pizza flavors of other flavors as well as the taco pizza. Mac n Cheese pizza, Philly steak and cheese sandwich pizza, etc.

The kum and go thing was always a mystery to me as well.

Rachel said...

seriously...when we were planning girls camp two years ago we were going over the menu and someone said "Taco pizza!!" I asked what that was and they all looked at me like I was NUTS! I came home and asked Derek what Taco pizza was and he knew right away. It IS an Iowa/midwest/corn lovin' thing. Weird to me. And i'm from NC/WV/SC/OR/AZ/SD/IA. yep, all those places and never heard of it.