Saturday, September 25, 2010

Iron Sheff

September 2010 001

I feel really lucky (and a little chubbier) knowing that I married a man who likes to cook. Abe’s specialty is dessert, which is great for my sweet tooth and bad on my waist line.

Ironically, when we first met he told me he didn’t really like cake. The first 2 or more years I knew him I made him ice cream cakes for his birthday. Now, he loves making cakes and they are always fantastic.

When I saw our little town was having a cake baking party I urged him to enter. Here is his entry. I don’t know how he chose which recipe, but it turned out great.

September 2010 003

It was Maya Angelou’s Old Fashioned Carmel Cake. He even made this decorative sugar to go on top.

September 2010 008

He took 2nd place. I don’t think the winner's cake was anywhere close to as good as his (although it was beautiful).

Check out this award winning cake and his other treats on his blog.


Colt said...

way to go abe!

I expect a cake in the mail around my birthday time.

brenna said...

Way to go! I'm sad I never get to taste any of these cakes...