Monday, September 6, 2010

"It's a Utah thing"

I want to apologize for some of my generalizations in my last post. I used to hate when people back home would say, "That must be a Utah thing," and almost always in a tone of disdain. It seemed like it was very popular to "hate-on" Utah, or BYU, especially in my Freshman year. Even though people chose to come to BYU and to Utah, when I had no choice growing up there, they acted like they were being punished for living in Utah. "Oh, there are too many mormons here...BTW I just got my mission call!" and something I heard from almost every guy I dated, "I NEVER thought I would date a Utah girl." It seemed as we got older, my peers started to appreciate BYU a bit more, but it definitely seemed like there was an anti-Utah, anti-Utah Mormon, and I'm-the-only-one-smart-enough-to-know-how-lame-it-is-here mentality. I always felt like, "Okay Mr. Enlightened One, if you hate it so much, leave." They never did.

Anyway, back to my point which was, learning from experience, I hesitated to make generalizations about Iowa, particularly the Iowa Taco-Pizza sensation. Every non-Iowan I have talked to has been puzzled by the taco pizza thing. I'm sorry I made the jump to "It's an Iowa thing."

It's like saying, "It must be a Utah hymn" (since the hymn books aren't identical across the country?), or Tunnel Singing "must be a Utah thing" or everyone in Utah says "Ya'll" must be a Utah thing. No, it's a church thing, and a BYU thing, or a Texas thing.

Skiing...that's a Utah thing. Fry sauce...yup, also a Utah thing. Maybe even green jello with carrots (okay a Utah thing), or big blonde hair.
On the other hand, corn...that's an Iowa thing, and so are pigs. and the Hawkeyes.

Taco pizza, I guess is still a toss up.


Abby said...

I didn't mind that you dubbed taco pizza "an Iowa thing," I just found it interesting that they have it in Oregon too--the two places are nowhere near each other geographically, and yet are the only two places I have ever had taco pizza.

I will go on record refuting Colt's claim that mac and cheese pizza and philly cheesesteak pizza are Iowa things though--I have never had either. Plus they sound kinda gross! If they sounded like genius pizza ideas maybe I'd claim them as Iowa's;)

Abraham said...

Mac&Cheese pizza is actually a pretty genius idea. I never would have thought of it, but it's really good. In Japan they like to put corn on their pizza. THAT should be an Iowa thing!