Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Craigs List

Do you “do Craig’s list?”

I only recently started even checking Craig’s list. Since we’ve moved there have been a few things here and there that I have been hoping to pick up for cheap. It is an interesting experience. I am starting to learn a few key concepts:

-“retro” means really old and ugly, it does not mean cool

-things that are very affordable are probably actually worth the money, the people asking for a lot probably have a lot of junk

-act fast if you find something you like

-do your wheeling and dealing on the phone or by email if you are a chicken, like me


Abe found a really nice cedar chest for a great price.

chest (2)

I also found this little end table that I thought could be fun for our living room. I should have talked the guy down a bit more (I get nervous about offending people, even ones I don’t know) but I think it is pretty cute. Any ideas on what I should do with it? I am thinking of painting it a kind of sky blue.

nightstand (2)

But, it has been very frustrating, as well. I have been looking for filing cabinets and found one for $5 that was supposedly in good shape. It was up in N. Liberty so I made the drive, a 20 minute deal, on a busy evening. When we arrived, it wasn’t what we were hoping for but I felt silly for saying no for $5. Stupid of me. So now, I am $5 poorer and now have a filing cabinet I have the stress of having to get rid of. Oops…and still find another.

I also let a few things slip through my fingers. I found a great desk that I thought I had the deal sealed on. A large 6 foot long oak desk and delivery from Burlington, IA for $50. All of the other desks I have seen have been Walmart specials for $100+. It was going to go great in our second bedroom which I am hoping to convert for an office for Abe to spend his long hours on PhD thesis writing. The guy hasn’t responded for a few weeks after I thought we had it almost all settled. :(

I also found a few really nice oak chairs (to go with the new desk). I emailed the guy but he wanted a phone call and I didn’t want to call until I was ready to come get them (and I was busy). The day I finally called (my N. Liberty trip day), he said he has just taken them to the thrift store. Bummer.


So, I am still looking for a desk if anyone has any ideas.

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brenna said...

Almost every piece of furniture we have we got from Craigs List. You have to check constantly and move quickly, but you can find some great stuff!