Sunday, August 1, 2010

“You say its your birthday, it’s my birthday too yeah”

June-July 2010 012

That is what I have to stay to Amber on the phone now on June 30. It is a little strange to have individual birthdays now. For my birthday this year we had a small family party after a work banquet that I had (no, not in honor of my birthday). It was nice to have the Sheffields as well as Colton there. I will miss Colt when he leaves in about a week.

June-July 2010 013

The Sheffield's bought me some plants for our yard. It was cool to get flowers, but ones that will continue to bloom…if I can keep them alive. I haven’t done great so far. Look how green and luscious they WERE.

June-July 2010 027

I was excited for this gift from Abe. Can you figure out what it is? Here is a hint

June-July 2010 009

Look at this beautiful cake Abe made for me. What a presentation!

Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting. Yummy!  Here is the recipe

June-July 2010 052

Happy late birthday sister! Wish you could have tried my cake.


brandandbrit said...

Happy birthday!

nathan n rachel said...

Happy B-day Erin. I hope that you didn't have to be at the hospital.