Wednesday, August 4, 2010


One fun thing about living in farmville is the farms. We like going to the local apple orchard and blueberry farm. I think it is great to support local farmers and we also benefit from a family activity and fresh fruit and veggies.

We went blueberry picking with our friends the Oriens on July 4. Caroline is living in St. Louis right now so it must be a great time if she agreed to spend her short time in IC in a berry patch filled with mosquitos in the rain in the early morning.  We miss you Caroline!

June-July 2010 068

June-July 2010 069

You pick the berries and can eat what you want while you pick. Then, you pay by the pound.

June-July 2010 067


What do you do with the berries you ask?

I like to give mine to Abe.

June-July 2010 063

Breakfast with friends is good too!

June-July 2010 071


June-July 2010 073 

June-July 2010 074

You can find some of Abe’s blueberry recipes at his blog:

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nathan n rachel said...

Man...Abe is such a handy little chef!