Saturday, July 31, 2010

Windy City

April and May 2010 001

I found some old pictures. In April Abe had a research conference in Chicago and I was able to take the weekend off. It was WONDERFUL to have even a weekend off together. It is not very often that we do.

Despite our many times to Chicago, we have never taken a river tour so we decided to try it. We were worried as it was rainy and foggy but it was still fun. I’m afraid it was very chilly and I wasn’t quite prepared. Notice how I am rocking the fleece under my dress jacket. Try to remember this look in the fall to try for yourself. I realize now I am also sporting the hawkeye spirit. Go Hawks!

April and May 2010 006

Abe looking good with his cocoa. We went on to the Lake Michigan. Did you know that engineers reversed the river to run to the Mississippi instead of the other way around? Weird, eh! They have a gate system that you have to go in before you can enter or leave the lake so the lake doesn’t flow too much into the river (does that make any sense…can you tell I am not an engineer?). They also taught us how they turn the river green on St. Patty’s (basically a vegetable derived dye they discovered on accident) and of course about architecture and Chicago history.

April and May 2010 008

Yup, the windy, and foggy city.

April and May 2010 004

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