Saturday, August 7, 2010

Landscaping Before and After Pictures

March 2010

house before

June 2010

 July 2010 257

Aug 2010


After some frustration, time, and a lot of help we were able to finish some  landscaping. I am really pleased with the end result. As you can see, in the winter there was only one bush to keep some greenery around. Now we have some extra bushes and a tree to spruce up and cover the base of the house all year with some perennials that will come back every year to fill in. Unfortunately, it was late in the planting season so the plants aren’t up to their potential—some are looking a little wilty and the beds wont be as full. I am excited to see what we can do next year.


A closer look at the right bed. We pulled out each front bed with a scalloped border.


We accented with day lilies (perennials) and marigolds


We also have some hostas (the green and white leaved perennials) and peonies (which will bloom hot pink in the spring).025

The left bed. This side has some more mature plants. I think this side looks almost perfect as is.



The backyard has a very clean look now. This is along the back of the house.


Another view:


A bed around the tree for easier mowing.


By the garage


This pile of sod behind the patio got turned to

July 2010 250

This… It feels more tropical now.



Remember this poor baby? Also notice the pergola which is very weather worn.

July 2010 245

It perked back up and started blooming again! And I started painting the pergola a fresh white. If I can ever finish it (it rained today when I planned to tackle some more) I think it will make a huge difference.


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very pretty! Looks like you've been working hard.