Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving along

Today was my first day of scheduled patients at work this year. I was so excited to have some surgeries of my own to do. The day goes much faster that way and I really do enjoy doing surgery.

It was a rude welcome back, however. It seemed every case turned out to be quite difficult with minor hang ups at every turn. It felt like I’d just have time to wipe the splatter off my face (a sad reality of my job) and shrug my tired shoulders before jumping into the next challenging case. The advantage: when 5:00 rolled around I was shocked. I really thought it was about 1 pm. I still like performing surgeries.

This is my last week “on-service,” meaning working in the oral surgery clinic, until March! Starting in September I will be working in the Internal Medicine Clinic for one month, followed by Cardiology, and then 4 months of being an anesthesiology resident. People are usually very surprised to learn how much medical training we get, almost 2 years.  I am excited but intimidated—I didn’t go to Med School! I am really starting to feel more like an official resident instead of an intern. I didn’t really go “off-service” last year so this is the biggest change. I am glad I have Abe to help supplement my medical knowledge.

That also means only 2 more nights on call for awhile (tonight being one of two).

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nathan n rachel said...

Your blogs are always interesting reads. I love the sx stories.