Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thoughts on church

I wore tights to church today. I don't think I've worn tights for years but when it s -8 degrees out, it seemed like a necessity. I forgot how uncomfortable they are. The worst was that they kept falling down. Despite the incognito tugging and pulling I did, they were down to my knees by the end. Fun times.

We went to church with Abe's family since his brothers are in town and one leaves tomorrow. We went to the gospel essentials class with his mom. In the class was a man who looked quite familiar. When he said his name was Major, I had no problem remembering where I knew him from. He was the anesthesia resident who saved me when I passed out in the OR (if I were cool like Abby I would link you back to the post but you'll have to search for yourself, probably in July if you want a recap). He caught me and made sure I didnt' hit my head. Thank you. I would never forget a name like that but hoped that he would never remember me. So much for that! Abe told his mom who promptly thanked him for saving me. He didn't recognize me and said, "Oh! That was you! How are you doing now?" I assured him I was quite well thanks to him. I was hoping he would never remember who that was. So much for anonymity!

And for my last thought from church. This makes me laugh every time I think of it: Our congregation has a special support group for women who struggle with infertility. It is a great resource that I am sure helps a lot of people. However, one week when a woman was describing how wonderful and helpful the group was and offered an invitation for any who would like to join, it seemed a little ironic. She was nine months pregnant. My sister who was visiting was quite shocked. I continue to think it hilarious.

Do you have any funny church moments?


nathan n rachel said...

I hate tights/nylons. I refuse to wear them!

Suz said...

I haven't worn them for years...for the same reason.
Ironic you saw Major at church isn't it?
A little ironic you both share the same religion.

Rachel said...

I really hope the woman in your story wasn't me. yikes.

brenna said...

I love tights. Despite some ridiculing, I actually started wearing them again a few years ago. I've found if you get real tights, you don't have the falling down issue. Plus, they are definitely more fun than nylons.

I didn't really know what to think about your RS after that...

Abby said...

Thanks for the shout out. I am SO cool. I usually pull tights up to my belly button to avoid the falling down problem--it's really attractive:)