Monday, January 18, 2010


Abe and I have had a completely bare room for over two years. Before Christmas we found a great deal on some bedding and curtains. We finally got the curtains up and the bedding on our bed. What a big difference. These pictures really don’t do it justice (and please don’t mind some of my clutter) but I wish I had before and after pics to give a better idea of what an improvement.

 DSCN5881 DSCN5895


We were also given a new ceiling fan for Christmas. It is great because not only is it a fan and obviously a light, but is a heater as well. It has really made a big difference on our very cold nights.  And, it just happened to match all of our furniture perfectly.


This is me feeling warm and cozy. It feels like my own little warm, comfy cave. It definitely beats sleeping at the hospital.


Abby said...

Very nice! I need to follow your lead and do something with our room. Our bedding is the bedding I used my last year at BYU and we have no curtains or anything on the walls...

Courtright Family said...

I love it! It looks so cozy!