Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are spending a wonderful weekend with family in warm houses with great food. XOXOXO

And now a few thoughts on Santa:

It is a little different sitting on Santa's lap as an adult. I felt a little embarassed this time. I didn't cry like I probably did as a child though.

Here is my most vivid Santa memory:

My twin sister and I were sitting on Santa's lap. He started asking us if we had been good girls. We said yes. Here is the rest of the conversation:

Santa: "How come you haven't kept your room clean?"
(Mom in the background waving, "no, no, no"--we were pretty good at keeping our room clean at this point in time)
Us: "Umm, we thought we did."
Santa: "Well than how come you were fighting with your sister?"
(Mom again, but more waving, NO, NO, NO)
Us: "We were just pretending, we weren't really fighting."

We left pretty distraught that Santa thought we had been fighting each other. You have to understand that my twin sister and I NEVER fought. And I mean NEVER. This Santa had it all wrong. We knew his all knowing self must have seen the only thing we could think to call fighting, us sparring with pretend swords. We were devastated that he couldn't tell we were playing and not really fighting.

I think we still got some good presents even though Santa pegged us for a lot worse than we were!

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Ranip said...

Hey! You look great- and your brows do too! Merry Christmas!