Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surgical Makeovers


Heidi got me thinking about plastic surgery. I was so intrigued and shocked that someone only 23 years old, who is normally developed without any kind of health issues, genetic syndromes, traumatic injuries or burns, not to mention someone who was already attractive, would have 10 plastic surgeries at one time. Wow! What a huge risk.  I think I would have been afraid to do that kind of full body make-over, like my nose would fall off or something.  Not to mention people can die on the table (think of Kanye’s mom and that brazillian model a few months ago) while in the search of a more perfect bod.

She has taken a lot of criticism, much of what was along the lines of, “She was already pretty. Why did she have to be more pretty?” This made me feel a little guilty about feeling bad about some of my flaws. It also made me grateful that I understand that who I am on the inside is more important than superficial characteristics.

But it did get me wondering…would you ever go under the knife? I have been wondering this myself. There isn’t a whole lot I dislike about myself enough to endure the risks of surgery. But say, it was completely free and available to you. Would you do it? What would you do?

Part of me thinks, “Sure, why not improve upon yourself, and if it is free?” However, I have a few misgivings.

  1. One, would I be able to tell my daughters how important a person is on the inside knowing I had fake boobs, for example? Would it be different for something smaller and less noticeable?
  2. What if something bad happened? Maybe you ended up with Tara Reid boobs or a double butt—or worse, you didn’t wake up. Would that be God punishing me for not being grateful for what I had? Could I rationalize my desire for a wrinkle free face if I left a family motherless and wifeless?
  3. Is it vain when you are already attractive to want just a little bit more?
  4. Is it okay when you are older to not really change, but maintain?

I think this is a fascinating topic. Maybe it is because I am in a surgical field. I completely believe in reconstructive surgery or surgery that can improve the quality of someone’s life, esp in instances of growth issues or malformation, etc. My biggest question is, when is enough enough?  Is Heidi’s life really any better with her DDD cup, a thinner nose, and sewed back ears?

So back to my question, would you ever do it (esp if it were free)?

-- I’m not sure.


Amber W. said...

I'm sure everyone's opinions are different, but I know for me, the toll just two kids have taken on my body would definitely make me willing to go under the knife - free or not - to put my body back to it's original state. I wish diet and exercise could get rid of the extra skin and deflated/non-existent chest (TMI?).

Ranip said...

I would for sure do it! Boobs and butt, all the way!

MrColtonJackson said...

The subject of plastic surgery has come up a lot in some of my engineering classes. Personally... i don't know if I would feel comfortable going under the knife, even if I was a girl haha.

We still don't really have a material that is totally compatible with the body. Silicone is actually toxic to the body, but it's housed in a safer plastic. However the plastic degrades over time, requiring a "replacement" surgery which is much more tedious and dangerous than simply "installing" them.

Abby said...

Who knows, really, but I think yep! probably not a lot of it, but there are a few things I can think of that I'd consider.

Rachel said...

YES! And I think you would agree, i would 100% be willing to undergo all the surgeries for my jaw and bite and all that. Some would say its cosmetic but I think we both know it is way more than that, but I want to do it for the cosmetic purposes.
Aside from that, I could see doing a little tummy tuck. After having a 9 pound baby, yes. A tummy tuck sounds good. Now, if I had the balls to do it..that's another argument altogether.