Thursday, January 21, 2010


There are a few fashion items I have been contemplating giving a try. In fact, have even purchased these to try.



I never thought I would ever do leggings again. I am not a super fan of them under a lot of things (not quite sure about shorts and a lot of dresses below the knee), and even less of a fan NOT under things,  but I am starting to warm up to the idea. I purchased a dark chocolate brown to wear under a sweater dress I have. Not sure if I will wear it with boots (will it look like a pirate combo?), ugg-like boots, or flats. I think I may also need a big chunky belt. I always feel silly doing the belt over the shirt thing but it seems to be a popular way to wear a long shirt or chunky sweater.


Going blonde…actually, I have thought about this on multiple occasions but am still thinking. RED LIPS. I have always found red lips slightly scary, at least for me. I have NEVER tried red lipstick before. I had a sudden urge at Christmas time. Maybe it was the red poinsettias or the dreariness of winter. Still not sure I pull it off (do I look like a clown?) but it is fun to try. I even did red nails which I have not done since I was in kindergarten.

leather legs

(sorry about the blurry pic)

Perhaps the most shocking, as if leggings weren’t enough, I bought some faux leather leggings. I am actually kind of excited about them but I laugh because I was making fun of them last year. Oops.  I’m just not quite sure what to wear them with. It has to be something great or I will look like an idiot instead of a fashion forward woman. I am trying to find a cool flowy tunic or sweater similar to above or a good rocker-like shirt/jacket combo.

What do you think of my new ventures in fashion? I would be interested to hear how you rock these styles or if you HATE them.


Amber W. said...

I say go for it! I'm working on being more brave, also. I just ventured into the skinny-jean realm. So far, I have yet to do the leggings look, but I say if you like them, go for it! I'm sure you'll look great!

Abby said...

Ooh fun! I have been liking leggings and bold lips lately too (although I haven't gone with a true red yet).

ceo said...

go bold and go for the red lipstick! You could totally rock it.
Leggings with long shirt-dresses, sweater dresses are a go for me. But I am wary of the leggings with short shirts. Some people can work it and looks good. Others shouldn't. me included. Leggings with a long shirt dress is the closest I will come to people seeing me in leggings.

Diana said...

Totally go for the leggings (and everything else).

I wore a long sweater dress and leggings to work with some cute little boots I got for my birthday. My boss, who is much older, commented that my boots looked like go-go boots--this just a couple weeks after I wore Ugg-looking boots to work with some skinny jeans and she told me how young I looked. I guess the older generation isn't a fan. My workplace is very informal so I don't even need to dress up, but now I might just have to put the fun boots away to wear only on weekends. Perhaps not, though. I feel like I've been rocking the style--especially when I've gone shopping in the same outfits and the gay store worker tells me how wonderful I look. I trust his fashion sense more than my boss's sense. Go-go boots just might be a go for me after all!

Good luck, chica! You can totally pull off these looks.

Courtright Family said...

I've wanted to try leggings but I've been too chicken. I tried on some skinny-jeans around Christmas time and thought they were kinda cool! You gotta show me some of your new clothes, maybe I'll work up the courage to try it too.