Saturday, January 23, 2010

Match Day!

January 25 is a big day! It is Match Day for Oral Surgery programs across the nation. This means I will discover on Monday whether I will be a Dentist


…or an Oral Surgeon


I guess either way, I will be a dentist. But I will learn if I will spend the next four years in residency or if I will be pounding the pavement looking for jobs to join the workforce as a general dentist.

A few other decisions that ride on the results of Match Day:

1- How long we will be in Iowa City. If I match, it will be at least 4+ years (likely more like 6-8) ; if not it may be only 1-2

2- If we will consider purchasing a house in the Iowa City area

3- If Abe will pursue residency here in Iowa City or if we will move elsewhere when he finishes school

Either way, I am confident the results will lead us to some great opportunities!

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Amber W. said...

Good luck! I'm excited to hear the outcome!