Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Susy Snowflake

The Iowa Winter has officially begun. Abe and I ice skated to school today. When we arrived, we were not surprised that almost every patient at the College of Dentistry cancelled their appointments. So much for finishing my dentures today. My afternoon pt was going to brave the weather until I informed him the highway was not moving.

It rained last night. Then it got cold. Then it started snowing. This is what the forecasters call "Wintery Mix." Kudos to them for using a term that sounds like a yummy holiday drink or one of those fluffy cool-whip desserts. In reality, it is much much worse.

*I miss the "Greatest Snow on Earth*


Erin said...

PS I don't get to go home early. Boring! 8+ hours of no patients.

MrColtonJackson said...

it likewise snowed a whole bunch here at the U. Lots of people falling down on the ice, and I slid to math class. I guess Orem doesn't have that much though.

Suz said...

Wintry Mix sounds like muddy buddies.

shawn said...

Welcome to Iowa's weather..
Sorry to hear that you didn't have patients..