Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7 months 2 days

We had our orientation today for our extramural rotations--10 weeks outside of the college of dentistry. It made me realize how quickly time is going by. Come Dec 5 I will be 7 months from graduation day. I am getting very close to fulfilling most of my minimal requirements. I am having a very difficult time keeping my schedule full. Of the 25+ comprehensive care patients I have been given, I will be down to about 6 when I get back!

Here is my schedule:

Now-Dec 19: finish as many patients as possible and get the others to a stable place
Jan 5-Feb 6: St Luke's hospital in Cedar Rapids, IA seeing kids
January 27: Match Day--oral surgery news
Feb 10-March 13: Broadlawns community health hospital (lots of extractions)
March 13-20: Spring Break
March 20-23: WREB licensure board
March 26-May 30: Finish requirements and patient care

My anxieties right now: Finding patients for boards (I'm nervous about this one for sure)! Driving to Cedar Rapids everyday in the snow. Finding out about OS and making plans for next year. Keeping my schedule busy enough.


shawn said...

It actually sounds pretty cool.. and fun.. except for that driving part.. I hope that the roads are clear..
What type of patients do you need for your boards?? All of them, or do you have some of them already??
I can't believe you have to wait so long to hear about OS!!
Good luck to you.. and just so you know.. it's slow EVERYWHERE in dentistry...

Amber said...

Wow, things are certainly winding down. Where do you think you will practice when all is done?

brenna said...

I'm glad to see you're not worried about coming out anymore

Erin said...

No idea where we'll end up! Maybe wherever Abe matches for residency. We'll be here in IC for at least a few more years.