Monday, December 15, 2008

One week countdown


One week to go before I leave the dental school for over 14 weeks! I've already had a few set-backs but I am learning to take things in stride. Usually, Abe says he can tell if I've had a bad day within 2 seconds on the phone or in person with me. I'm doing better at fooling him.

This morning I was supposed to deliver two crowns on a patient. One of the crowns did not have the correct contours and needs to be redone. It needs the other crown to get the correct contour between, I had to put the temporary crowns back on, speak to the lab (earliest it can be redone is Friday--cutting it close), and rearrange the three patients I am already seeing on Friday. Luckily, the openings I was lamenting in my schedule have been a blessing in disguise with these rescheduling issues. Unfortunately, the temporary crown broke (the second time) so I got to make my third temporary for this one tooth and spend my second day getting no points for this patient...again, getting better at not freaking out.

This week we have a few days of wintery mixes and snow coming up. We are already getting patients cancelling for Thursday in anticipation. Tomorrow we are expecting up to 7 inches of snow (the forecast said dry, fluffy--I hope so!). This could spell bad luck for the:

2 partial dentures
4 crowns
1 gold post
1 bleaching tray

I need to deliver before Friday Dec 19 at 4:30. Otherwise, it will be March 27, 2009.

With some of these headaches I am feeling more and more hope that I will make it into the OS program. I would love to never have to send back a crown or redo a denture again.


shawn said...

OOHHH just so you know.. OS do seat dentures too.. granted, the gp makes them, but they seat them.. and a crown comes off here and there.. OS have to recem.. of course they don't have to worry about making those either.. I am so keeping my fingers crossed for you on the OS thing!!
Good luck on getting everything done.. I am sure that you will make it!!

Rachel Kerr said...

HEY! that bleach tray is ME!

Suz said...

Sounds like the Twelve Days of Christmas...4 golden crowns, 2 partial dentures and a partridge in a bleaching tray.