Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Christmas Tree

As far as I remember, we always had fake Christmas trees growing up. Funny enough, people always commented on the great fresh pine scent from our tree (placebo effect?). Abe's family tends to go with the real trees. This year was my first time going to a tree farm to choose a real tree. Last year, we bought one from the grocery store.

This is the tree we could probably actually afford. Luckily, Abe's parents bought us a more festive one. Thanks! We happened to choose a pre-cut tree instead.

They asked us if we wanted our tree "shaked" to get out any dirt, needles, etc. We said yes, thinking they would just shake the tree up and down while they carried it. They actually strapped it up to a "shaker" machine, much more efficient. The tree looked like it was giggling--it reminded me of tickle-me-elmo, minus the red fur. I think that gave us a good jolly start to our tree.

Then, they woosh it through this handy tree wrapper tube thingey... And tie it to your car. So easy! Luckily, it was a beautiful, warm (for winter) day.

I don't know who decided to put full sized, cut trees inside, light them up, and put ornaments on them but it definately makes things seem more cozy and Christmas-y!

Merry Christmas!


Suz said...

I cant believe you joined the "tree killer" club.

brenna said...

Way to trade sides

shawn said...

And it is a beautiful tree.. You should really cut one down yourself.. they are really wonderful!!