Thursday, December 18, 2008

One more day update

We had a huge day of cancellations because of "weather." So far, nothing is yet brewing (a little frustrating when patients cancelled for morning and afternoon appointments...for nothing?). Rumor has it that it will hit at 5 pm. Tomorrow is supposed to be a pretty dire day for patients coming. I am hoping I get lucky!

Today I delivered another crown, did a denture adjustment, and delivered two bleaching trays. I finished a major case and another minor case, as well as a crown graduation requirement. I only need a molar root canal and 2 periodontal surgery assists as far as specific requirements go. I am feeling good about that. I also made my goal of reaching 3000 points before I leave. If all goes well, I will only need about 500-600 more to pass with a "D." This is one of the few times I have felt relieved that the saying goes, " 'D' is for dentist." I need 3800 to graduate.

My afternoon patient did cancel which was frustrating because so far she is my only hope for a board patient (and may have 2/3 of my requirements). I wanted to get new x-rays to verify.

So, what I have left before tomorrow at 4:30pm:

1 gold post delivery (30 points)
2 gold crowns (the remakes--the new one looks better on the model) (83 points)
check out of my unit
1 bleaching tray delivery (which is not going to happen)
1 mouthguard delivery (also not going to happen because patient was too afraid to drive in today or tomorrow)

I'm not sure what the procedure is for the mouthguard or anything else that wont be delivered. The faculty does not yet know.

Things are working out with a few hang-ups!

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Heidi Anne said...

That just wore me out by reading all that. You go girl! :)