Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Diana tagged me and I have to write 6 quirks about me. Problem is, I don't have any!

1. I am a really weird sleeper. I have vivid (usually nightmarish) dreams almost every night often including friends, classmates, family members, etc. They are so weird I often feel like I should tell someone about them. Somehow, people (esp acquaintances) feel like being in a dream is a significant or perhaps erotic experience. Then I feel embarassed. They probably wonder, why did she dream about me? Who knows. Also, I wake up and say weird things. Abe has a routine, "It's okay Erin, go back to bed." I am so weird that he cannot tell when I am awake or asleep at night. He tells me often that I am asleep when I feel I am not. We get in arguments where I get frustrated and angry. The problem is, most of these episodes occur when I am awake enough to know what is going on but not awake enough to make any logical sense. I realize this and it makes me mad. I guess maybe I have always been weird...my mom said I would wake up as a small child screaming in the night.

2. I love dentistry and I love teeth. As such, I notice teeth. I can tell you a lot of the anomalies of most of my friends or classmates teeth. I don't do this out of judgement, I just notice. Kiera Knightley or that blonde chick from Grey's Anatomy have teeth that really bother me. I guess I hold them to a higher standard than my peers. "You're famous, how come you have such crooked teeth!" However, I don't really notice the teeth of my family members. Maybe I've known them too long and I just look past it. I love the chance to look in my friend's mouths and love hearing about dental appts. Dorky!

3. I am a recovering germ-a-phobe. I have a hard time sharing food with anyone besides Abe and maybe my family members. Sometimes I feel embarassed for this. The other day I made a comment about some birthday candles at my in-laws that looked a little suspect. They went to very much trouble to clean them well in soap and hot water. Then I felt bad. It is hard for me when I know what is in people's mouths! I SEE what people harbor in there and I know there are over 900 types of bacteria in the mouth. That is just different kinds, not total numbers! Somehow it seems like you are a social phobe if you aren't willing to share a spoon or a cup. This makes cookie-dough and double dipping a huge no-no that I get teased about.

4. A secret ambition has been to be either a comedian, radio talk show host, or writer. I love the idea of being someone people listen to, esp for entertainment, but also for advice or good info. Perhaps this is why I like blogging. I like the idea of people being interested in what I have to say. Dentistry may be my next best option. My patients are forced to listen to me talk. Too bad I'm not good enough yet to talk and work much together.

5. I have weird toes. I'm not just saying this so you'll comment and say, "No, I'm sure they aren't that bad." I know they are weird. I have had many many people notify me of this over the years. I am not ashamed or embarassed, I have come to terms. But, they are so weird my mom once asked in concern, "Should we get you plastic surgery for your feet?" and my uncle always made fun of my aunt for her feet. One day I saw her in sandals...I know where I got the toes from.

6. I have a huge booty for my size. I never knew anything of it until college when it became a huge topic (no pun intended) of conversation for all of my friends and roommates with a similar situation for my twin sister with her friends. I had a roommate aske me once, "Why do you always stick your bum out when you pose in pictures?" I felt bad until I realized one day, I don't, it just sticks out! I only realize my full booty potential when I receive compliments like, "Your booty is too big for a white girl. I knew you had some color in you." and when I walk along reflective windows. Only lately has it bothered me. I hope I don't become a huge pear when I age!

I tag: Amber, Amber, Brenna, Caitlyn, Eva, Abby, and Nicole (and Colt if you want).


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome post Erin! I am paranoid about my mouth so in that way I'm glad we only know each other through blogs these days. :) I have a weird thing about feet, and my butt, so I can appreciate that. :)

Diana said...

I love all of your quirks! Reading them make me remember how much I miss living near you. Come out to North Carolina, okay?