Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fact: I was a Siamese Twin

A local theater put on a production of, "The King and I." I was excited to hear a friend was appearing in this dramatic event as I too am a "Kind and I"-er.

When I was in first or second grade my mom took us to an audition for the play at Provo High School. The big time, I know. I don't remember anything about the audition but getting funny clothes that looked like they were made out of curtains. We must have been pretty good to be chosen as one of the king's 67 children. Very competitive try-outs. My memories are pretty sketchy of the event, so today was a nice way to relive them. Here is what I remember:

My sister Amber and I were the twins. Only now do I realize we were Siamese twins!

Singing "Getting to know you" over and over again.

Someone said our "mother" (who was very blonde and white) accidentally dropped her skirt during the show (unfortunately I missed it back stage)

They painted our hair black and put it on top of our heads with fancy buns covered with those gold bun jewelery crown things. I thought it was oh-so fancy. They also painted our skin brown and gave us very big eyeliner almond-eyes. I wonder if this was politically correct or not? I am really not sure (the play today was much less believable with blonde children). Also, if they went to all of this trouble to get us in character, why was our "mother" allowed her very western look?

I was allergic to the body paint. I remember lying in the tub and noticing the brown water as it washed off (with relief from my itchy skin).

I forgot my line, "And other countries so big." Or something like that, I still don't remember it. Walking home from school an older girl asked us which of us forgot our line. Being very honest and a loyal twin, I quickly pointed to Amber. I couldn't understand how the girl knew it was me.

Hope you enjoyed some of the "wonderful and new things [you're] learning about [me],"


Diana said...

Your description makes me wish I could have seen your production. I'm sure the two of you were adorable!!!

brenna said...

I remember I was jealous I didn't get to be in the play. I guess mom didn't think I had what it took to make it big...